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Microsoft Office 2010 was released to manufacturing in April and became available for retail as well as online purchase on June 15, 2010. Since Microsoft introduced Office 2007, the world has changed plenty. Microsoft Office 2010 needed to be good and is a worthy upgrade for business and individual users who need professional-level productivity apps. One of the major new changes to the suite is the ability to collaborate and share your work using Web apps. You can collaborate using Web apps over your SkyDrive on Windows Live. You may also be able to collaborate with a coworker using a slimmed down Facebook-connected version of the Web apps. 

Like Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010 lets you quickly change styles, colors, and fonts in most applications of the suite through the use of pull-down Style Galleries. In PowerPoint, for example, along with helpful image-editing tools (more on that later), you can quickly preview how effects will change your image simply by mousing over each effect. Similarly, as you mouse over different fonts in Word, the document will change in real time before you commit. 

It is natural that Microsoft Office 2010 has added many new features. One of the more jarring changes is the file menu that will now take you to a full-page document management section called Backstage. Like the old file menu (or logo menu) you'll be able to open, save, and print your documents from Backstage, but now Microsoft has added a slew of features to help you with the next steps for your document. You can set permissions to lock down your changes--including password-protected document encryption--create access restrictions for specific users, and include an invisible digital signature to ensure the integrity of the document.

Another element worth mentioning is the version control. This allows you to go back through the history of a document and select a version to work on that is not necessarily the very latest one. Office automatically saves your work as you go (regardless of whether you ask it to) and offers you any of these manually or auto-saved versions when you go to File, Manage Versions. Moreover, the principle is sound, and means that you don't necessarily need to worry about making edits to a document and then changing your mind - or, in theory, about accidentally losing a document. 

Some new features of Microsoft Office 2010:
Microsoft Office 2010

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